Hong Kong International

What's on the Menu?

The eagle has landed. My 15 hour and 32 minute flight concluded without incident. I was able to pass the time mostly by listening to an audio booked entitled “Summer Rental” and with about four hours of sleep. My iPad never ceases to amaze me. I started listening to my audio book just shortly after the flight began and then seven hours late,r when I was finally ready for some sleep, I paused my book and saw that only 9% of the battery had been used! How amazing is that?

I am now sitting in Hong Kong International airport waiting for my final flight to Singapore. I have a 3 hour layover so I have plenty of time to add this post. It’s hot and rainy here right now. The best part of the airport is the free WiFi – this is something airports in the US could learn from. Another “perk” is that for every 4 seats there is a charging station for cell phones, laptops, etc. No one is sitting on the floor tethered to an electrical outlet like you often see in the US. There are “children’s areas” throughout the airport and they all have TV’s showing cartoons, Tom and Jerry (in Chinese) to be exact! There really aren’t many unique things to see in the airport. After all once you’ve been to one airport you’ve been to them all. I am attaching a few pictures I have taken since landing.

Just six more hours and I’ll be able to finally shower and get to bed! See you in Singapore…


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