About Me

I was born and raised in Asheboro, NC; the youngest child of 3. My father worked as a supervisor at a large manufacturing company by night (3rd shift) and as a farmer by day. My mother made a career in insurance that has continued to this day. I am blessed to have a family with close ties. I grew up surrounded by love. Many of my fondest memories involve get-togethers or vacations where both my immediate and extended family were altogether. I am blessed with a superior education, a wonderful job, and a side career as a soap and candle maker. A lover of arts and science I am often torn between which is the coolest a solar eclipse or a piece of modern sculpture. I love beautiful things.

Things I love:

weather, astronomy, naps, lemonade, public speaking, interior decorating, candle and soap making, traveling, chocolate, my daily horoscope, General Hospital, Mad Men, The Closer, Parenthood, fresh-cut flowers, The Piper’s pizza, mexican food, NFL Football, my house, my family, cooking, the beach, Eric.

Things I dislike:

lack of planning, hot weather, mice, silence, arguing, chewing gum, chapped lips, reality TV, procrastination, skirts, slow driving, licorice, leftovers, politics

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