Bum Boat Ride

Singapore Bum Boat

The Singapore River plays an important role in connecting the city of Singapore economically and socially. A bum boat cruise is a great, inexpensive way to spend 1 hour of your time when visiting Singapore. The cruise starts at the Raffles landing site (this is where Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of Singapore was thought to have first landed).

This cruise has it all! A little mix of history of the surrounding buildings and the Singapore river combined with the scenic buildings and skyline makes this tour very worth it. For fans of photography, this place are a must!  The cruise takes you pass restored go downs, under grand old bridges like Cavenagh Bridge, Jiak Kim Bridge and Robertson Bridge, and not forgetting pass the entertainment side of Quay Side. You can maybe use this opportunity to take a pick at which restaurant you might head to after the cruise.  Watching people feasting and drinking champagne by the Quay side will certainly get your tummy all worked up.

Video of the Sights and Sounds of Singapore Bum Boat Cruise


Images from the Bum Boat

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