Sentosa Island

Siloso Beach

Today I moved from Singapore city proper to an island retreat known as Sentosa. Sentosa is on the South China Sea and has three beaches. In addition, there is a butterfly garden, an underwater aquarium, Universal Studios, a casion and four lush, private, resorts with spas. I am staying at the Sentosa Resort. It is unbelievably beautiful. On Saturday I will spend my day exploring the island by Segway. When you enter Sentosa Island you must pay and entry fee. After that fee is paid you can use any of the transportation options for free on the island. The transportation options include: bus, tram/monorail, ski-lifts, segway, cable car or rickshaw. I hope to try each at least once!

The Sentosa Resort is a “green” resort with a all natural spa and hot springs. I will be getting a Tibetan Massage along with a manicure and pedicure while I am staying here. Below are some pics of Sentosa Island and the Resort at which I am staying.

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