Songs of the Sea

Oscar, the star of the show

Tonight I attended the highly rated laser light and pyrotechnics show called “Songs of the Sea. The show is about a boy with a wonderful singing voice who can restore lost talents to creatures living in the sea. When the show first began it seemed very much geared towards small children. However, once the water, lights and fire pieces began I was captivated. It was a truly amazing show. I was sitting in the VIP section, center stage so I had terrific seats. In addition, I am fairly certain that I was the only Caucasian, American in the crowd. And my blonde hair announced it to everyone. The small children sitting around me wanted to touch my hair. They told me I was and angel! It was the first time since being in Asia that I felt completely like an outsider. Wasn’t necessarily a bad thing just different. I took some pictures and video of the show tonight to share. Enjoy!

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