Tofu for you?

Baked fig with candied beans and mint

This evening I was treated to a restaurant specializing in Tofu dishes. Tofu is one of the healthiest dishes you can possibly eat but just the thoughs of soybean curd does not seem appetizing to most. My experience tonight changed my opinion on Tofu. The restaurant we visited is nearly 320 years old. All tofu served here is handmade and is silky smooth. Our dinner started with the purest of tofu. Blocks were served with sea salt, toasted sesame seeds and tiny green onions on the side. You add toppings as you wish but salt is a must! Though I was a bit apprehensive I followed the instructions of my Japanese friends and gave it a try. It was terrific! Nothing like I expected. The dinner continued with an egg strata baked with tofu, a tofu and shrimp crispy pocket, spicy tofu with braised pork belly, pan-seared chicken stuffed with tofu and ham and topped with a poached egg, tofu and noodle soup and a baked fig topped with candied beans and mint. All of the dishes were simple but very tasty!

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