The Japan Times

The GOP fights it out...with themselves

The Japan Times

During my stay in Tokyo the hotel has delivered the English version of the Japan Times newspaper to my room daily. I find it interesting what topics are of top interest for the Japanese. I have taken photographs of many of the comic strips and other important messages I have seen throughout the week.

Radiation readings for the country of Japan - updated daily

On top of the minds of everyone in Tokyo is the damage nuclear power plant near Sendai and the radiation levels that are still being monitored.  Every day the newspaper prints the latest radiation readings for the country of Japan.

In other news the Japanese are closely following the Rupert Murdoch/phone tampering investigation, the European Union’s decision to bail our Greece and their debt and most importantly the United State’s inability to pass a bill that will increase the debt ceiling.  Also, having won their first world cup in soccer the Japanese women soccer team is all the rage!

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