Learning Chinese Calligraphy

Chandra's version of the word "human" in Chinese

Today I spent about 1 hour with a wonderful calligraphy teacher in Chinatown.  His name is James Koh and he is a master painter and Chinese calligrapher.  He began our lesson by explaining to me the importance of the bamboo brush with camel hair.  The art of calligraphy is learned over decades and is dependent on the students’ ability to apply pressure and strokes at just the right time.  James’ art is on the commemorative Lunar Year of the Pig coin chosen by the Singapore Mint.  He is just a delight to be around and this is an experience I will never forget.  In the photos below you can see me trying my hand at painting the word “human” — I wasn’t terrible but not great either.  He proceeded to write my name in Chinese Calligraphy and then explain the meaning to me.  Of Coral, Virture and Strength creates the name “Chandra” in Chinese.

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